Monday, September 14, 2009


The UPA Govt is talking abt Austerity in these times of severe drought, job losses & economic meltdown. It sounds to me like lip-service and total hyprocrisy. If the Govt is serious about cost cutting, they must start with downsizing the Ministry. Any intelligent man will fail to understand why we must have 2 ministers for almost all portfolios (one with Cabinet rank and another Mos). While the Cabinet Minister goes around globe-trotting, the MoS has to be content with ribbon cutting in inconsequential public functions and delivering guest lectures in bogus universities. And why should it apply only to Ministers? What about the Bureaucrats, who escape the spotlight. Are they not equally culpable?

But in this whole drama, one thing that really amused me was the balls shown by Mr Tharoor. He says he can't live in Kerala House becos it does not have a Gym. Oh really? How about taking a membership in some swanky gyms in New Delhi? And he goes on to justify it by saying he is not using tax payers money but settles his bills from his hard-earned money, as a formel Diplomat.

I find both the Govt as well as Mr Tharoor's stand as extreme.

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  1. firstly, tharoor is a better evil of the two. atleast he claims he is using his personal money. he has all the rights to do so like any one of us. unless congress denies that its his personal money, he is right in saying and doing what he is doing.

    as far congress and sonia's austerity, laloo put it correctly by asking her to travel in third class.

    and of course he wouldn't dare say that to mamtha, for she will take it as a luxury and travel by third class cos she doesnt have to buy a ticket.