Monday, August 17, 2009

Internal Democracy

Yeah, I am talking about BJP in Rajasthan.

While all the 4 MPs and a majority of the State MLAs are committing their support to Raje, how on earth the Party central leadership can ask her to quit. I was always told that in a democracy, you choose your own leader. With that being the case, I think Rajnath is making a fool of himself by asking her to relinquish her LoO in the State Legislature. And what is LKA doing in all this? Ofcourse, he lost his chance to being the PM of India. But does not he have a moral responsibility in atleast playing a mentoring role to the younger colleagues, in a party which he has helped build from the scratch. Like Tavleen Singh said in a column in Indian Express, BJP is not dead yet but committing slow suicide in full public glare.

And one wonder what purpose is the Chintan Baithak going to do in Shimla later this weekend? They have effectively killed all those dissenting voices of Sinha, Shourie, etc so that they only have a coterie which will act as if nothing is wrong with the party and continue to live with their heads immersed in the mud.

There is a big vacuum in the Indian political scene and BJP can effectively play a future role as the Right of Centre party, only if they choose to. Othewise they are better off abandoning their political career as well.

For this, they must redefine Hindutva in the lines of Cultural Nationalism and rid themselves off bigots like Bajrang Dal, etc. That way, they can atleast count educated, middle class youth as their loyal voterbase in the years to come.

The need of the hour is for the party to show effective leadership and dynamism and not resort to blame game like in Rajasthan now and Uttaranchal (remember Khanduri) earlier.

Is anyone in BJP listening?


  1. Mr.Maverick,

    I agree with you on most of the views about the current predicament and the status of BJP.

    With specific reference to Vasundara Raje, well she needs to go. I always believed democracy when becomes a populist democracy, it becomes a hypocracy. Just becoz she has the support of 4 MPs and all state MLAs doesn't in one bit means she is right or deserves to be there. During election just before counting, she bragged with these words, 'I delivered 21 when I was the chief minister, lets see how many Ashok Ghelot delivers' with pride in her face. We all know pride comes before fall, and fall she should now for what she has delivered in Rajastan. If only she was a good leader, she would have done better and infact bettered her results, like every other BJP chief ministers did excepting I think PC Kandhuri who is a small fry anyway. Had she done that, BJP might have ended up with a decent 130s instead of what it is now.

    As far LKA, when he said he would resign, he should have meant it and said I shall not hold any post in the party or any of its governments anywhere but will work as a mentor and a guide for BJP's revival. He would have become a tall leader indeed apart from being a 6' few inches that he may well be now.

    Lastly, BJP may be acting as if nothing is wrong throwing open its butt and stuck its face to the sand. Probably they thought politics is all bout posturing and posturing they do now.

    Keep blogging.

    Ram, London

  2. The MLAs elect their own leader. Even if she had failed in the hustings, the Legislature Party chose her to lead them. So how can anyone sitting in Delhi overturn the decision. Also, then what is the point in letting the MLAs choose their leader. Like Cong & other Dravidan parties, they can as well appoint a puppet as they do. If they do, then there is no difference between Cong & BJP.

    I am not for one suggesting that Raje should not be blamed for the electoral reverses. But asking her to quit LoO is nothing but Rajnath trying to show who is the boss. If LS results are the reason for asking Raje to quit, is Rajnath the most culpable?

  3. It would be worth checking this link.