Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trouble in the Brew....

Yeah, I did not expect myself to be back so fast. Its well past midnight and I was sitting and watching the T20 match between Pak Vs NZ and also surfing alternatively.

There I read a piece about the prevailing infighting among the BJP leaders. Though their claims that it is a party with a difference was punctured a long time ago, I did not expect the top rung leaders of the party to come out in the open just as it is happening now what with Sudheendra Kulkarni's post in Tehelka, Jaswant Singh circulating an open letter to the media and now Yashwanth Sinha resigning. I have not even mentioned about the old warhorses like MM Joshi angling for the LoO in LS, before LKA was advised to stay in the post.

While it is true success has many fathers and failure is an orphan, do the BJP members need to wash their dirty linen in full public glare. After all, success and failure in elections do not make or finish a political party. I think it is a good time for the party to do some serious introspection rather than indulge in the blamegame.

I think instead of infighting, the party can do well to take serious steps to strengthen the organisation in southern states, WB, etc which together account for more than 140 seats in the 540 plus members LS, which would make it a serious player towards its bid for power in the next LS, come 2014.

As an keen follower of political developments in the country for the last few years, I have a ringside view of things and will post some interesting observations about what went wrong for the BJP in the just concluded National elections and what it could perhaps do to emerge as a serious alternative to the dynastic-laden Congress.

But the need of the hour is for the BJP to follow the Kamraj plan of collective responsibility and think ahead as a group and fight the Congress rather than fighting themselves. Will the BJP listen?

Tailpiece: I did not get to vote in this election, as my name was not on the voters list but I am sure you all would have guessed by now where my political loyalties lie.

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