Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Beginning

I have always been fascinated by the blogworld. Though I usually read blogs by political commentators, sport personalities and the bollywood gliteratti, the thought of having my own blog never crossed by mind, till ofcourse my wife prodded me into having one of myself.

It set me thinking and here now I am. Oflate, I have realised if I have an opinion on political & , social issues, sports, et al, why not put it in some place, for posterity. So when I am old (which I am already any way), I can turn the pages back and read what I had to say. My posts may not leave footprint in sands of time but atleast it would have helped me in structuring my thoughts into words.

I intend writing about no particular thing but most of it would be sport related I guess, from Dhoni's captaincy to Ronaldo's transfer to Real Madrid. Ofcourse, with a generous helping of politics thrown in good measure.

I am an illiterate to the blogworld and I thank my wife in no small measure without whose support this blog would have never happened (so much so it was she who helped me with opening this blog itself).

Apart from my wife, I am hopelessly in love with an other woman, about whom I may or may not write in this blog. I thank God & my wife (not necessarily in that order) for that little piece of sun which shines on me everyday.

All good things must come to an end and hence I end this piece. Hopefully more will follow.

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