Sunday, July 5, 2009

Section 377

First of all, I do not know if I should write anything about the recent Delhi HC ruling on this subject.

I have this dilemma becos after almost few days of reading so much in the newspapers and watching news channels, I still do not have a definitive opinion on this issue.

While on the one hand, I welcome this ruling becos the majority (which I presume to be straight) can not castigate GLBT becos they happen to be a fringe minority. Moreover what happens between two adults, if it is not coerced, is none of the 3rd persons business. If being a Gay is a crime, so is adultery. Why no discussions on that? Also, I do not see any reason for us to follow some old archic laws which were thrust upon us by the British. And remember, Britain has already found it irrelevant and moved far far ahead.

Having said that, I do have some reservations on this. While the court have only decriminalised it, so that a fringe minority can live without fear, I do not think we need to go gaga over this judgement, because at the end of the day, it is still against human nature. Some pro-activists quote from ancient texts that mention about homosexuality to bolster their case. I do not understand this point of referring to ancient texts only to suit ones purpose and abhor it at all other times. Also, we need to bear in mind homosexuality is also found to be an effective carrier of AIDS & HIV, to control which the Govt is spending huge resources in terms of finance and education.

Also, to think that society will start looking at Gays differently becos of this one single judgement seems a little too far fetched to me. In the best scenario, this has only released them from the clutches of a draconian law and India still has a long way to go before socieities start looking at them without a jaundiced eye.

That brings to my mind, the constant stories we hear about honour killings becos the bride and the groom are from different castes & communities. I am waiting to see how we react to same sex marriages, in future.

The die has been cast.


  1. All this hulla gulla in the media is by the homos who want to popularize homosex. I would be surprised if any policeman in the country is running behind gays to see if they are having sex and then arrest them under section 377. Genuine homos are living their life. But it is this section of the society who wants to produce half a dozen movies in a year highlighting homosexuality. their intention seems to be promote homosexuality and experimentation - bisexual and metrosexual are buzzwords in our megacities. We should not get trapped into the so called liberal thoughts of the people creating cacophony on the tv channels. In the name of gay rights, these "photogenic" 'social activists' might have hidden agenda to bring in as many western social evils as possible into the Indian society.a

  2. Bloody blogger!!

    The issue on hand is gay rights. The issue that is not being discussed is gay wrongs! Sample this, it is perfectly legal and accepted of a man to impress a woman and get into her pants and vice versa.

    Now, can we say that of gays as well and particularly when they can convert unsuspecting straight young ones into gays? Naturally the victims will vouch for consented sex because they would have already turned gay because of this old gay's influence and efforts. Sex is not an act of preference per nature but a key aspect of reproduction. Excepting human and dolphins(dunno why dolphins) no other living organism engage in sex for reasons other than reproduction is what I read somewhere.

    Gay for the gays will make every one a gay!

    I guess in india there was no rush needed for the courts to jump to such a drastic decision without taking into account the culture, tradition and other soft aspects of the society.

    Let the courts implement the existing laws properly instead of creating newer ones.

    Ram, London.